Research Paper Beginnings

27 03 2013


As of right now, I just started to work on my research paper and have not made a lot of progress thus far. Since I like to begin with finding sources, I am still working on trying to find sources with specific facts and numbers. Because my paper topic deals with crime rates, I am having trouble finding recent numbers and actual crime rates in states. I feel that finding recent information is important because then it is up-to-date and more relevant to my paper. So far, I have a couple sources that will be put to good use for background information and information in general about the death penalty, my topic. Once I can find more information, I plan on beginning my research paper. Since I sometimes find the introduction paragraph the toughest, if I feel that I cannot yet write it, I might just dive right into my research.


^Sometimes I get very frustrated when I am searching for sources if I can’t find specific information I am looking for

^This article talks about the value academic sources have in writing and how important it is to use scholarly sources as evidence to back up your main claim






2 responses

6 04 2013

I really like the picture you used! That is exactly how I feel about writing papers like this every time! I always get so frustrated and annoyed and I just want to rip up my paper. I also haven’t gotten much done on my paper…but it’ll have to be done by Tuesday so we’ll see how well that goes…Good Luck!

6 04 2013

Thanks for the comment! Good luck also!

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